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Children’s Museum

Oakley Foundation Sponsors Children’s Museum exhibit

The “Follow Your Food” exhibit at the Terre Haute Children’s Museum brings agriculture and its connection to the food on America’s tables to life for visitors. The Hollie and Anna Oakley Foundation’s sponsorship of the exhibit honors the Oakley family’s history in the grocery business and the importance of agriculture to Indiana’s economy. “Follow Your Food” is the only agriculture exhibit in the state of Indiana.

In illustrating the importance of farming to everyday life, the exhibit encompasses displays of equipment, information in electronic formats about various types and aspects of farming, life-size interactive models of a cow and a pig, a grocery store and deli where children can shop for farm-grown food and a kitchen where food purchases can be prepared.

In addition to its sponsorship of the “Follow Your Food” exhibit, the Oakley Foundation provided financial support for the electronic message board on the Children’s Museum’s exterior.

The Oakley Foundation is a private foundation established in 1954 to promote religious, educational and charitable endeavors, particularly in the states of Indiana, Illinois, and Florida.


The Oakley Foundation long has been a major sponsor of educational projects and programs in the Wabash Valley. The Foundation’s financial support of the Terre Haute Children’s Museum is another example of its dedication to and concern for the future of our children, our state and our country. The museum will play a vital role in educating and inspiring the scientists, engineers, mathematicians and teachers necessary to ensure America’s continued economic progress.

– John Thompson
President, Board of Directors
Terre Haute Children’s Museum

Many of us take our food supply for granted. The truth of the matter is we need to continue to increase the amount of food we produce. To do this we will need a larger and more highly educated workforce dedicated to that task. Thanks to the Oakley Foundation’s support of the Terre Haute Children’s Museum’s “Follow Your Food” exhibit, we are addressing this need by educating children about food production as science.

–Lynn Hughes
Executive Director
Terre Haute Children’s Museum